FFXIV: Stormblood – How to make gil from housing

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Take advantage of the housing patch coming in 4.1!

With Patch 4.1 arriving tomorrow, we are finally getting Shirogane, the new housing area. As usual, the prices of the market board usually fluctuates during these times. Hence, Philet Kane, a fellow player, is here to show you how to make gil by capitalising on the hype. Furnishing and decorations will be very profitable about a week after launch. Many players will be trying their hardest to get a plot in Shirogane. The best part about Philet’s guide is that you don’t even need a high level gatherer to tap into this market!


Limestone (Level 17)

Recipe usage: Mortar, Large Garden Pond, Tier 1 Aquarium
Tips: Sell in stacks of 2, 25 or stacks divisible by 2

Siltstone (Level 30)

Recipe usage: Garden Ponds, Straight Stepping Stones
Tips: Sell in stacks of 10 or 50

Granite (Level 31)

Recipe usage: Oriental Bathtub, Oriental Deck, Oriental Wood Bridge, Tier 2 Aquarium
Tips: Sell in stacks of 3, 30 or stacks divisible by 3

Cobalt Ore (Level 43)

Recipe usage: Cobalt Ingot (Slyphic and Tonberry Series furniture, Royal Partition)
Tips: Sell in stacks of 1,2, 3, 1

Ferberite (Level 50)

Recipe usage: Wolfram Ingot (Alps Striking Dummy), Wolfram Square
Tips: Sell in stacks of 1 through 10
Location: Northern Thanalan (X: 16, Y:19) – Slot 6, 3 AM

Astral Moraine (Level 60)

Recipe usage: Astral Oil, Aquariums (Tier 3 and 4), Shishi-odoshi
Tips: Sell in stacks of 1, 2 and 4
Location: Coerthas Western Highland (X: 37, Y: 16) – Slot 4, 12 AM/PM


Humus (Level 9)

Recipe usage: Potted plants, trees
Tips: Sell in stacks of 3 or stacks divisible by 3

Mahogany Log (Level 39)

Recipe usage: Mahogany Lumber (several Manor Series furniture)
Tips: Sell in stacks of 3 or stacks divisible by 3

Spruce Log (level 50)

Recipe usage: Spruce lumber (Kotatsu Table, several Carbuncle Series furniture)
Tips: Sell in stacks of 3 or stacks divisible by 3

Waterfowl Feather (Level 50)

Recipe usage: Cushions, Double Feather Bed
Tips: Sell in stacks of 3 or stacks divisible by 3
Location: Western La Noscea (X: 34, Y: 28) – Random slot, 8 AM

Seventh Heaven (Level 60)

Recipe usage: Astral Oil, Living Arch
Tips: Sell in stacks of 2 and 5
Location: Churning Mist (X: 17, Y: 36) – Slot 1, 4 AM/PM

The items highlighted are the ones that are most profitable but this may varied in different server. Also remember that you don’t have to try to get HQ grade for these items since there’s no reason to HQ furniture. Go out there and bring home the big bucks  Here’s the image version of the guide that you can save in your phone for quick and easy viewing.

Disclaimer: This guide first appeared on Reddit and was republished here on Best in Slot with permission from Philet Kane, the author. Go follow him on Twitter if you found this guide useful!

Twitter: @PhiletKane