Malaysia eSports League Offers Big Prize Pool

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Malaysia eSports League Offers RM500,000 For Upcoming Dota 2 Tournament

Malaysia’s upcoming Dota 2 tournament will have the biggest prize pool yet. Malaysia eSports League is a Dota 2 tournament organised by the Mineski Events Team and will be the country’s biggest eSports tournament. Currently, the prize pool sits at RM500,000. The tournament will run from 2 September 2017 to February of 2018. The offline qualifiers will be held in cyber cafes all over the country. Anyone can enter whether they be a pro or amateur. However, the only requirement is that the team needs to have a minimum of 3 Malaysian players.

Image via MESL

This opens up the opportunities for Malaysian amateur gamers who are looking for an entrance to the gaming industry. According to Mineski Events Team’s managing director, Kenchi Yap he hopes, “With MESL, we hope to develop more young talents and eSports icons such as ‘Mushi’ Chai Yee Fung, ‘Ohaiyo” Khoo Chong Xin, ‘MidOne’ Cheng Yeik Nai and ‘Ah Fu’ Tue Soon Chuan”

You heard the man, gamers! It’s time to show your talents. Your incentive? Here.

Prize Pool Breakdown

Image via MESL

In addition, U-mobile promises to add RM50,000 to the winners if all the members on their team are U-mobile users.

Only 16 teams from the qualifiers can move on to the group stages. From there, the number of teams are halved so only the top 4 teams in the 2 groups may proceed to the playoffs. Finally, we have the grandfinals, which will happen sometime before Chinese New Year of 2018. That’s something to look forward to in 2018!

The matches from the group stages onward will be aired on Astro’s eGG Network channel 808 as well as on

All in all, it is very exciting to see the eSports scene grow in Malaysia. If the event turns out well, the prize pool will only continue to grow, leading up to a more sustainable future for youths in the gaming industry.

If you want to sign your team up, check out the MESL website for more information!

Practice hard and happy gaming!