New Dota card game by Valve: Artifact

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Valve announces Artifact, a Dota card game.

Yesterday in between The International 7 matches, Valve Software announced that they will be releasing a new Dota card game named Artifact.

The announcement happened just before the final match of Day 2 and host Sean “Day9” Plott gave a rather vague description of the game. It seems like the game will have players build barracks, creeps and manage lanes. They did, however, mentioned that the game is a standalone and plays nothing like Dota 2. Artifact sounds like its a mixed between old school Warcraft and Blizzard’s Heartstone.

Nevertheless, there is no release date yet for the game but it is due some time in 2018. Their Twitter account, however, is live. Follow them to know more about this card game. The International 7 will continue this week and if you’re new to the tournament, check out this article for a quick rundown.

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